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2D Indoor Navigation by IMU-sensors

Description:  predicting the trajectory of human movement in a space where there is no GPS signal can be performed by analyzing data from accelerometers and gyroscopes of wearable and mobile devices.

Context: solving the indoor navigation problem.

Decision:  a neural network model of trajectory prediction is constructed.

The project was carried out, the solution was patented by the customer:
  • Solution error: less than 5% of the distance travelled;
  • The neural network model is patented;
  • Two scientific articles were written.

To build the model, we used:
  • Wearable device data;
  • Information about the location of the wearable device;
  • Ground Truth trajectories of human movement.

Simulation result:
  • 2D trajectory of human movement.

Customer: Electronics manufacturer.

Technology stack:  Python, PyTorch.

Time Series Research Division