march 03 - april 26

Your chance to be part of a team of professional researchers in the field of artificial intelligence
Until the end of the application for an internship left:
You can already start to work on real projects in a challenging and evolving field - AI, while others go to the lectures, receiving only "dry" knowledge, and just dream of a beautiful life after graduation

Come for an internship at a machine intelligence laboratory!

You will pump and improve your knowledge and skills in machine learning
while working on real projects.

Stop doubting - apply!
Real projects
At the internship, you will receive unique research experience working on real projects in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing and time series analysis from our industrial partners
For each trainee secured a mentor - a qualified laboratory employee who coordinates the implementation of practical work in research and applications
Opportunity for career growth in a machine intelligence laboratory after successfully completing an internship and receiving employment recommendations for industrial partners
Ability to publish results
Placement of the outcome of results you can use to:
• publication of scientific articles in leading Russian and foreign publications
• participation in international conferences
• protection of graduation qualification work
Comfortable conditions
• Comfortable office Phystech.Digit
• Free schedule (20 hours a week)
• Tea / Coffee & Fruits / Confectionery
On an internship you will find:
Vorontsov Konstantin Vyacheslavovich
Head of Laboratory
• Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
• Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences
• Professor department of «Intelligent Systems» MIPT
Who is suitable for an internship?
This internship is for you if you:
Student older than 2 year
Dream to develop in AI
Python programming is a favorite hobby
Think about working on real projects
Ready to devote 20 hours a week
Want to go from intern to researcher
Stages of selection:
Apply for an internship

until 23:59 February 11
Pass contest

until 23:59 February 18
Have an interview
telephone / face-to-face

from 19 to 28 February
Stage 1 - Сhallenger

March 03 - April 26
Internship Stages:
The internship is an annual program that consists of four stages:
challenger, trainee, trainee researcher and researcher.
The result of each stage is a completed project, the results of which you will receive a certificate and recommendations for further internships or for employment.

You do not have to go through all 4 stages, but their passage will be a great advantage for you. The annual internship necessarily begins with stage 1, the duration of which is 2 months.
Participants choose an interesting task presented by the laboratory. For each of them, the final result and work plan are recorded. The main result of the first stage
is the presence of a strong
baseline solutions to the problem.
This stage of the internship is not paid

2 months
Participants can continue the task they are interested in, selected at the first stage, or change direction. The main
the result of the work at the second stage is a prepared draft article on solving the problem and its progressive solution.
Paid Stage

3 months
Trainee researcher
At the beginning of the stage, the participants are determined with the direction of the internship and choose the appropriate task. Tasks are broken in the areas of internship.
You can freely plan your work.
Paid Stage

3 months
Participants in the internship continue to work in the direction of the chosen task, but can change both the task and the direction. Each of the tasks is summarized and the participant is invited to choose and record the result of the third stage, and also, together with the mentor, determine the work plan for its implementation.
Paid Stage

3 months
Data Science - Engineer
• Solving industrial problems
• Creation of tools for working with data and tools for operating SDK
• Construction of demonstration stands and project infrastructure
Data Science - Researcher
• Conducting research in various areas of artificial intelligence tasks, developing new approaches, methods and algorithms
• Creation of SDK modules in the form of Reference Code for solving one highly specialized task

We answer popular questions:
When is the internship?
The internship is annual and is divided into 4 stages:
Stage 1: from March 3 to April 26
2 - 4 stages last three months each.
Dates of passing 2 - 4 stages are determined by each intern for himself.
Will the internship be paid?
The first stage is not paid.
But, starting from the second stage, all trainees receive a scholarship, the size of which depends on the outcome of the first stage, the better the previous stage is completed, the higher the scholarship!
What work experience and knowledge are needed to get to you?
- Experience is not required!
- Student older than 2 courses
- Ability to program in Python
Can I get there, if I'm not the MIPT?
You can, there are no restrictions!
What stages of selection do I have to go through?
  1. Fill in the form and send your CV
  2. Solve the test task
  3. Take a telephone and face-to-face interview
What will happen after the internship?
After each stage of the internship, you will receive a certificate. If you successfully complete the first stage, the opportunity to go to the second stage of the internship (paid stage), etc. Opportunity for career growth in the laboratory and recommendations for employment in other partner companies.
You can use the results of the results of the internship to:
• publication of scientific articles in leading Russian and foreign publications
• participation in international conferences
• protection of graduation qualification work
How many hours per week should be given?
A total of 20 hours, 10 of which you can work remotely
Can I get directly to the second or third stage?
No, the internship starts from the first stage
Is it possible to go to the second and subsequent stages of the internship, for example, in a month?
Of course! You can continue your internship at any time!
Can graduate apply for the internship?
Yes, you can
That's what the participants think about the internship
Apply for an internship
On February 12, a link will come to your mail to solve the test task, which will need to be completed until 23:59 February 18
GitHub profile
Paste link on GitHub profile
Phone number
Supervisor and topic of scientific work
Describe your experience working on scientific projects at the institute, even if the topic of your scientific work does not coincide with the field of machine learning. Write - we are very interested to know more about you!
Your resume
pdf file with the name: Surname_Name_Feb2020_resume.pdf
Motivation letter
pdf file with the name: Surname_Name_Feb2020_motivation.pdf
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